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Live 'Doom-Style' FPS Game is All Kinds of Epic!


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Jul 27, 2011
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*Warning... the above video has some PG-13/NSFW language

If you are a gamer (especially FPS-style 3D shooters), you owe it to yourself to stop what you are doing and immediately watch this cool video! It's a live action/filmed "Doom-style" FPS game, and it looks like a ton of fun from both sides of the camera and/or keyboard.

You can tell a lot of work went into making this epic game/interactive film, but it surprisingly only cost £900 (about $1,450) to make. We are sure many/most of the folks involved volunteered for the awesome experience, which probably helped keep the costs low.

The whole thing was filmed in someone's back yard, and all I have to say is... you have the coolest backyard EVAR!!!

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