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Let's Play #2: Infinity Blade II For iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad (Gameplay/Commentary)


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Jul 10, 2010
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Yet another Let's Play segment, in this one we are playing the newly released Infinity Blade II. This is the sequel to Infinity Blade which was one of the best graphical experiences on the iOS devices to date. The sequel plays a lot like the first one and has the same basics in mind. You tap your way through an area, battling titans, collecting; gold, experience, items and leveling up your character. AFter you have beat the game, it starts all over again hence the name "Infinity". You still get to keep your stats and items but you will be facing harder enemies each time around. You can think of Infinity Blade as a sort of tournament-game like Mortal Combat, Tekken, and many other fighters, with a little more to see than the battle stage. You can pick up Infinity Blade II for the price of $6.99 in the App Store as a universal app for your iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad.
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