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Leaked Photo of iPad 5 Shows Touch ID Sensor


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Jul 10, 2010
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Apple is expected to hold its big iPad press conference on October 22nd, though it is only a rumored date, we already know most of the products that will be unveiled. Alongside the new Mac Pro, Haswell MacBooks, and iPad Mini 2, Apple will be showing of its new flagship iPad 5.

The iPad 5 has been in the news for some months now, with leaks of a complete redesign to make the device similar to the iPad Mini 1st generation. Most agree that the iPad 5 will be sporting an upgraded A7X processor, improved 8MP iSight camera, and thinner side bezels. However, what has stumped the blogosphere is whether or not Apple will choose to add the iPhone 5S Touch ID sensor to the device.

Normally Apple likes to keep flagship iPhone features exclusive for a few months until passing them onto another device. That's not the case over at Chinese blog CTechnology, where a user has submitted a photo of an alleged iPad 5 sporting the Touch ID sensor. This photo leaves us to question if only the iPad 5 will be receiving Touch ID, or will it become a standard feature for all devices.

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