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Laptop died, how do I put File from DocsToGo file from IPAD 2 to new laptop


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Feb 17, 2012
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United Kingdom
Documents To Go (premium) for iPad
My laptop that had synced with my ipad got dropped and is completely dead and broken and not repairable.
I want
1) to find out the day I last synced with my ipad.
2) to put info from my ipad onto a new computer. I have a folder called DESKTOP which sits inside JULIETGRAYSONHP (which is the old computer name) and contains 17 gb of material and I want to sync it with the new computer which is showing as a folder on my ipad docs to go as JGVAIO4 - when I go into that I have a folder called My DocsToGo which is empty. Can you take me through step by step please - the quickest way to do it.
3) other info: I have a drop box account for 50 gb (which I signed up to last night)...but when I go into that to sync I can't get it to find the DESKTOP folder.
4) I tried via plugging the ipad in and itunes...but could't find JULIETGRAYSONHP and so I couldn't find DESKTOP
5) I spent 5 hours yesterday trying
6) I'm scared of overwriting the info on ipad

Wireless syncing from my ipad to my old computer always worked fine, and the new computer is 'speaking' to the Ipad...but I can't find the file to have it sync and thus put the info onto my new computer


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Sep 7, 2010
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Berlin, Germany

I have DTocsToGo Premium on my iPad and tested your setting with an XP and a Win 7 PC. Consequently, on the ipad in DTG I had 2 desktops (Win7 + XP)
I used one small file and synced it between DTG and the Win 7 PC. Very smooth sync. But I was not able to get (copy or move) the file from the DTG Win7 desktop to the DTG XP desktop. No way.
No way to use use an existing dropbox account or wifi file transfer.

There is maybe one way for you.
You can try to give your new pc the name your old pc had. And install the desktop sync software. If you are lucky it will sync all you files over to the new PC.

Here is what I did: From the Win 7 PC I deinstalled the DTG Sync software while I still had my file on the iPad. The I re-installed the software.
In DTG I created a new desktop - now I have 3 desktops - two with the same name (Win7, Win7 and XP) - and synced the newly created one to the PC. And my file from the iPad synced over to the PC.
So, in essence I recovered my file.

Hope this helps.


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