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itunes problems loading on iPad


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Sep 7, 2010
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I recently encountered a probem with my iPad when attempting to open my itunes. It starts to load then quits the load but directs me to an old search page on my apps store application. I brought it to the Apple store for them to tell me that this has never been encountered. The only solution was to restore then resynch. After the resynch it is back to the same problem. Has any had this happen to them and if so how did you fix it - is it possible to uninstall itunes on iPad? Thanks for any help :(
Try this:

Open iTunes, and as it's trying to load, press and hold the Sleep button. You will get the "Slide to power off" screen. At this point, instead of sliding to power off, just press and hold the Home button until it kicks you back to the Home screen. Then try iTunes again.

This stops whatever app is running and clears any memory leaks, etc. It does not erase anything. Just make sure you have the offending app running when you do this, otherwise it won't help.
Hi purpleorchid thanks for the suggestion. I tried that but the iTunes app does not continue the loading process long enough for it to work, by the time the shutdown comes up the app store starts to load. Thank your for your suggestion though I will keep trying.
This is happening to me, did you ever find a resolution?

For me, ITunes brings up a "write review" page for Angry birds every time I load it. Even after I submit a review this is still happening
iPad problem

Unfortunately the only solution was to reset as new but it would keep coming back. When the latest update was released the problem seemed to disappear altogether. Hope you can get a better answer, sorry. You would think Apple would before invested in this problem since it hinders buying from iTunes on the iPad. Good luck

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