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Is the iPad2 is compatible with the Clear Spot 4g or go with Virgin Mobile Mifi 2200?


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Apr 9, 2011
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I have a wifi iPad2. Looking to stick with prepaid service.

Can anyone confirm compatability with the Clear Spot 4g? It's $99 and $45 a month for unlimited data. (I am in zip 07302 and there is great 4g coverage).

Alternatively I could go 3g with:
-Verizon mifi2200 but for prepaid access its $50 for one GB.

-Virgin Mobile mifi2200 is $50 for unlim up to 2.5gb then speed gets limited (walmart sells plans for $40 for unlimited $20 for 1gb). This seems to have a LOT of bad reviews about slow speeds on a few sites..could be vary by location though.

I just want reliability. I am really leaning toward the Clear Spot 4g.

I don't know how much i'll be using it though, so i might be able to get by with the $20 1gb plan for the virgin mifi 2200, so that could be an advantage.

Anyone have experience using ipad2 with any of these?
Update: I spoke with Virgin Mobile. The $40 unlimited plan from walmart is no longer available. The $20 1gb plan exclusively from walmart is still available...so that is an attractive option becuase at the moment there is wifi in my apartment and most places I go.

Honestly, the Clear Spot 4g unlimited is attractive because I would be able to stream stuff without a problem (though I highly doubt that;s what I would be using it for). Usually if I am on the go, its simple stuff like google maps, lookup numbers, browse web etc.. no media really.

I am just concerned about compatability issues with the clear spot 4g.
***note this is the new version of the clear iSpot which only worked with apple devices and isnt compatible with ipad 2.

I called a clear store and they told me Clear Spot 4g will work with any wifi device...but youknow how sales people are sometimes ;)

Any input is greatly appreciated!
It shouldn't be a problem. I use a Sprint Overdrive with the iPad just fine. Don't they offer two weeks or something like most cell providers to try it out before your locked in?
Both of them are just wireless hotspots so they will work just fine with a Ipad or any wifi device.

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