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iPad mini satnav


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Sep 2, 2019
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this is my satnav mount. I don't like phones. I prefer to just glance at my satnav get a visual on where I need to be, and can see the directions long ahead (take the 3rd exit, then first left, etc). Rather than see the directions one step at a time.

The iPad mini gives me a much better overview of the direction I need to be. I dont need audio directions and dont need to keep checking the screen every so often.

Notice the iPad blocks very little of the view, it's far less obstructive than some of the phone mounts people use on the windscreen.


I managed this by making my own stick, the one supplied by the mount was too short so the iPad would sit higher and block more of the windscreen. By extending the stick out I could drop the iPad over the edge.
it might not look modern and sleek, but then I drive a £600 carl and dont care much on appearance.

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