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ipad mini 3 sleep/unlock button won't wake ipad


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Sep 7, 2021
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Hi, I have a strange issue on my ipad mini 3. If the ipad mini goes to sleep or I press the lock/sleep button, the screen goes black (as normal) but I'm not able to wake it up again by pressing the sleep or Home button again. The only way I can get the screen to turn back on again is to reboot the ipad mini by holding down the power and home button at the same time until the Apple logo appears. If I keep the screen on and don't allow it to go to sleep, I can use the ipad as normal for as long as I want until it locks and gets stuck on black again.

I tried a full system reset (complete wipe), DFU mode recovery through Itunes, and it did not fix the issue.

I also tried toggling off the "lock/unlock" button under Settings>General>Lock/Unlock and that did not fix the issue.

Any other ideas to try?

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