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Inateck BK1003 Bluetooth Keyboard review


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Sep 21, 2010
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The BK1003E Bluetooth keyboard from Inateck is a step up from entry level Bluetooth keyboards in terms of quality - this is apparent as soon as you open the package.
In the box is the keyboard, a user guide and micro USB charge cable. The keyboard is similar in layout and size to the official Apple wireless keyboard measuring in at 280mm wide by 135mm. It is also thin at 4.3mm growing to 18mm at the top of the unit which houses the rechargeable battery giving the keyboard a comfortable typing angle. There is also a gentle curve to the keyboard meaning less travel distance between the keys when typing.
This is a chiclet style keyboard fashioned from matt black plastic which is wrapped on the underside in brushed stainless steel giving it a premium look and feel. This also also gives it a reassuring rigidity which belies its pricepoint.
The 200mAh lithium battery is rated as good for 4 months between charges based on 8 hours use a day although this is not something I have been able to verify given my short time with the keyboard so far. Charge time is quick though using the supplied micro USB cable which connects on the right hand side with an adjacent LED indicating charging. An indicator LED on the top right keeps you informed of the status of the device showing power, Bluetooth pairing and Caps Lock.

Pairing is achieved by simply turning on the keyboard and holding down the function and C keys - the led will flash blue when available for pairing. No pass code is required and this is a one time setup. Once paired, the keyboard subsequently connects automatically when powered on. When typing, there was absolutely no lag and performance was great. The keyboard felt very good to type on considering the very slim chassis. Function keys also worked with iOS functions so you can, for instance, change volume directly from the keyboard or pull up Spotlight search. There is actually an option to switch between iOS, Android and Windows which ensures you get the best compatibility out of it.

The keyboard comes with a UK layout which was a pleasant surprise as many of these keyboards ship with a US keyboard - it's always nice to have it properly localised.

Inateck have a vast selection of peripherals and accessories and I think the BK1003E is one of the best. It's a great option for anyone that doesn't need a full sized keyboard with number pad or are looking for a black alternative to the Apple wireless keyboard. It performed perfectly for me without any issues and feels very good quality for the money. The only addition I would liked to have seen would have been a backlit version which really would have put this into must have territory.
I got this from http://www.amazon.co.uk/Stainless-Inateck®-Wireless-Bluetooth-Microsoft/dp/B00MXJXT2W/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1421269560&sr=8-1&keywords=inateck bluetooth keyboard

More details at http://www.inateck.com/inateck-ultraslim-wireless-keyboard-bk1003e/

Video review:


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Apr 26, 2011
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North Carolina
Thanks for the review - I've been enjoying those travel speakers from the same company - used them recently on a short trip to Charlotte, North Carolina - sound is excellent for such a small package - not as compact as my other speaker but better output.

I've had the Apple BT keyboard since spring 2011 - not used that often (mainly on trips when I do not have my laptop) and still working fine; of course, battery based but I've only made one or two changes over that time. Dave :)

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