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Image retention problems reported on the new Retina iPad Mini


News Team
Jun 22, 2012
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According to Instapaper creator Marco Arment, some Retina iPad Mini units are having image retention issues. He observed the problems by using a grid test that he developed to detect the same issue in his Retina MacBook Pro device. He said the following:

It’s not the sort of problem that I’m likely to notice in actual use — I’ve never noticed it on my Retina MacBook Pro, and it has worse image retention than this iPad on my test page. Since Apple’s using multiple panel manufacturers, I could exchange it and hope for a better one. But it’s also possible that, given the extremely low volume that’s trickling into stores, any replacement I get in the next couple of weeks could be from the same batch with the same issue. I had some friends run the same test on their new Retina iPad Minis, and they all passed — no image retention. So I’ll try an exchange.

The image retention problem was first cited as a potential issue last week. Back then, we shared with you the rumor that the delay in iPad Mini 2’s release is reportedly caused by burn-in issues on Sharp-made LCD panels. After Marco Arment discovered the problem, several other iPad Mini 2 owners shared on Twitter similar problems. Could Sharp be blamed for this once more?

Source: Marco.org, MacRumors
Oh man..... I hope this doesn't get out of hand. I can hardly wait to get my 128gb mini 2.
There has been a lot of problems with new devices apple made. I do hope apple resolves this issue.

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