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Ideas to recover music/movies from iTunes that disappeared?


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Dec 8, 2011
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Watertown , CT
I've lost movies and now music that I had purchased from iTunes. Is there any way of recovering them? I can't seem to find any type of contact info for iTunes. The movies and music I lost doesn't even show up on my purchased lists. I didn't delete either of them and have no idea how they disappeared either.
If you still have the receipt for the music you purchased, you can use this link to inform Apple:

This one is an app. For music purchased in iTunes, you'll find the same.
The most likely cause of not seeing your purchases in the iTunes Store is being logged out, or logged in with the wrong Apple ID. Or a glitch in your log in credentials.

Try going to the bottom of the first tab in the iTunes Store and looking for your Apple ID, or the sign-in. It should be in a box at the bottom left.

If signed out, sign in. Otherwise try tapping on it, signing out, then signing back in with your Apple ID.

You can also do this in Settings > iTunes & App Store.

Good luck.

Added later:

Keep in mind that your iTunes purchases are tied to the Apple ID you used to purchase them. If you've ever used a different Apple ID, or you have more than one person (past or present) who used the iPad with a different Apple ID then the missing purchases may be under that account.
Thanks for the replies. Apple support was very helpful and recovered 132 missing items. They were hidden by Apple for some reason. Support gave me this article on how to hide or recover items

Weird. Usually you have to hide purchases yourself..

Anyway, I'm glad you got it fixed. Thanks for letting us know.
I asked how they got hidden and she said apple did it but didn't elaborate anymore. We were talking through chat so I didn't go on about it either. According to the article she sent me you can only hide items using a Mac or PC. I only use an iPad or iPhone . I'm just glad I got them back.

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