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HTML-> edit -> PC?


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Jun 29, 2011
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This is a rather specific need, but I'd like to hear any ideas (as I would rather not have to buy two rather expensive apps before knowing if they will work).

I have to be able to view and edit my client files from my office PC, which I copy to Dropbox, that are in WordPerfect. (My profession requires use of WP forms; I can't use Word for these documents.) There is a WP Viewer from Corel that doesn't really view WP files, but rather converts them to HTML and then views them. That's the best (and only) option out there.

The dilemma is when I need to edit and send the edited files back to my PC. The files can be exported by the WP Viewer to any program that is registered with iOs for HTML files, Documents to Go reads HTML files (and I assume is registered for them), whereas QuickOffice is not.. but Docs To Go is getting some really bad reviews. Is there any means to (even with an intermediate program in play) get the HTML file to QO in any format it reads?

Also, can both DTG and QO save an edited file back to a different folder in Dropbox than that from which the file came?
What about using something like Splashtop and just edit the files on your work computer? It's on sale right now. Sorry I'm not familiar with apps like Documents to Go and so on but thought this might be a cheap alternative.
You can probably use Open In to copy files to GoodReader. You can both upload and download files from GoodReader using the Connect to Server feature. This is probably your most versatile way of moving files on and off of DropBox. It should be able to view the HTML files, but it will not edit them, at least I'm pretty sure it won't.

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