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Jun 27, 2010
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Orange County, California
hi everyone, i got a 64 gigabyte 3g iPad several weeks ago and enjoy it alot, i got one after i had my iPhone since.. i dont know how long, i just remember i had an iPhone since it is first new, but i like my iPad and find it to be very useful, i got several apps so far, any apps that anyone reccommend?
Yes, thanks you, i have tried Sketchbook Pro as i like art ALOT, but i guess i havent gotten use to drawing on a screen.. i suppose i like to draw on paper more, actually i tried the iBook app (is that the name of the app?) its very neat but i am used to reading books as well instead of iPad. My only complaint is i havent seen alot of comic books in the iBook store or if there is any to begin with, iWorks is pretty good too but i use to use Windows, is this program similar to Microsoft Office or different? i was hoping to be to send files or store files on my iPad but i dont think i can, still learning alot with this iPad

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