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Hi y'all. I'm new to iPad but not to computers


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Mar 16, 2015
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Hi y'all. My name is Bob. I'm new to iPad but not to computers so I have a lot to learn.

First of all, I tried posting this thread last night on my iPad after I joined, but couldn't get the cursor into this message box. I could put a title in there, but not a message. BTW, I'm doing this on my Windows PC and it's working fine.

I'd tap the message window and nothing would happen. I have no idea what I may be doing wrong. Settings? Anything else? Any help would be appreciated. I don't seem to have that problem with any other app on the iPad.

I'm a musician, and have been computing since the Atari/PC-DOS-5/Mac-OS6 days (we called it system 6 back then). My last Mac was a Power PC chip OSX. I never graduated to an Intel Mac (see next paragraph for the reason)

I also write aftermarket styles for Band-in-a-Box so my main computer is a Windows PC. The software for making styles chose the platform (the Mac StyleMaker app is severely limited as compared to the PC version - not the computer's fault but the software authors). I don't know if it's rude to post the URL here yet, so for now I'll keep that a secret. I don't want to irritate my new potential friends ;)

I wanted a tablet, and from what I read the most and best music apps are on the iPad so I got an iPad air. This is my first tablet, and I don't expect it to replace my laptops, but enhance things for me.

I make most of my living as a pro musician, the BiaB thing is a sideline, and I'm eager to learn more about how to use the iPad here. I'm definitely a newbie at iOS.

Here is what I'm initially interested in:
  • Finding favorite music making/editing apps from other musicians - especially if MIDI is involved
  • Finding a file manager/explorer so I can get to the files and put them in drop box, move them around, and do all the things I can do on a PC
  • Learning how to get music files off and on the iPad - I think I need something called a Camera kit - but I have no interest in pictures, mostly MIDI and Audio files
  • Finding a good lightning to MIDI interface - I've seen a few on-line
  • Finding a good no-frills password keeper - I don't want one that fills in the fields for me and definitely don't want one with its own browser - just a protected file so I can copy the password and paste it into the field in my browser. Free or inexpensive is best.
As I learn more of the basics, I'll get farther into the deep end of the pool.

The iPad is like my 'droid phone in so many ways, but I've yet to unlock the secrets of how to do things that are not just open and use apps. I downloaded the free manual and am working my way through it topic at a time, but much of it doesn't apply to how how I want to use the iPad (yet - that may change).

So for now it's couch computing (e-mail, searches, etc.) and climbing the learning curve.

I'm active in a number of other forums, mostly music related. I'll probably spend my first few months around here lurking and/or using the search function to learn stuff, but when (and if) I get good at this, I'll be happy to help other noobs.

I may post some stupid newbie questions from time to time, please have patience. I'll use the search first, but sometimes search turns up so may hits that aren't relevant that it gets frustrating.

I hope to find another home-away-from-home here.

Welcome to iPad Forums Bob!

We have a large worldwide membership, many of whom volunteer their time to help their fellow member with solutions to their problems and answers to their questions.
Thanks scifan57 and smalltowngirl13.

I found I can now type in the response box on my iPad. I turned the rich text option off and now when I tap the response box the keyboard pops up and the cursor inserts itself. I wonder why it didn't work in the rich text mode? No biggie, I don't really need text formatting.

I think I'll do some searching and lurking and try to learn by osmosis now.

That's a great introduction Bob, welcome to the forum:)
We have a good variety of interesting discussion areas here including a sub-forum of specific interest to musos....here:
Feel free also to contribute to any of the others including our off-topic discussions.
Oh, and there are no "stupid newbie" questions on this forum (although mine came pretty close when I joined in 2012;)). It's just one member with an interest in their iPad sharing their experiences and interacting with others, which is what a good social media forum is all about.
Nice to have you aboard!

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thanks OB

The musicians sub looks like it will be home.

BTW I have a brother-in-law who lives in Brisbane. I hope to visit your country when I get the time off.


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