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Heroic Cop Uses 'Find My iPhone' to Rescue Stranded Woman


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Jul 27, 2011
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Here's a strange, yet intriguing story of a heroic cop who used the "Find My iPhone" app to rescue a stranded woman. Here's a quote with the details of the story,

A police officer in San Jose used Apple’s iPhone Find My Phone service to rescue Melissa Vasquez, a local woman that was trapped in a 500-foot South Bay ravine for 17 hours, according to a report by ABC 11.

Officer David Cameron saved the stranded woman after Vasquez was involved in a car accident. Vasquez’ OnStar reported her location to the police, but they couldn’t find her or any evidence of a car accident.

This is when Officer Cameron’s tech savviness kicked into high gear: He searched her house and found her iPad and, armed with the knowledge that she was an Apple fan, he used Find My iPhone to locate the stranded victim.

It's pretty amazing what a little bit of knowledge and ingenuity can accomplish. In this age of constantly finding fault with police officers, it's good to see stories that remind us that most cops are the good guys. It's also cool to see the way technology was used to avoid a potential tragedy.

Source: BGR

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