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Hello from Hyderabad, AP, India


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Jul 14, 2010
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Hyderabad, India
www.graceattheedge. om
My name is Harry Larson. My wife, Patty, and I moved from Arvada, Colorado to Hyderabad, India on April 14th of this year. Our departure was originally schedule for a week prior and we were going to miss the roll out of the iPad. My mind said, "Well, maybe it's a good thing," but my heart said, :mad:. When our flight changed, our son surprised us by saying he had reserved an iPad for us as a gift and we could go with him to collect it at the local Apple Store.
It was great fun to get up early, fill the mugs with Starbucks and wait in line with the rest of the early adopters. I was a little nervous about taking a first generation "anything" to India, but what were my options? Turn down such a gift? No way.
We have had a great three months with our new baby. We named our ipad, "Hyderapad." She has already seen five countries and has probably been either the first or one of the first in several of them. I was a little miffed when I showed off and someone said, "oh yeah; a guy was here yesterday with one." But God is trying to keep me humble. My wife will still not let me take it to church to read the Scriptures while the pastor talks (I would never play games in church).
We're happy to be part of the iPad family. Now we are all Mac (book, phone, pod and pad) and we love it.

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