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Headphone Mic on iPad Air 2


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Dec 28, 2015
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I recently got an iPad Air 2, a upgrade from an earlier iPad.

On that earlier iPad I could record my voice using a headset that had its own built in mic. It plugged into the 3.5 mm jack. Plugging it in like that disabled the iPad's built in mic, which was exactly how I expected it to work.

On this Air 2 that doesn't work. Even though I can listen through the headset, I can't record through it on this device. It only lets me record through the built in mic, even with the headset plugged in. I was wondering if that's normal as-designed for this model, or if it's defective and I should try to exchange it.

Same headset, as well as several other headsets, all work on the older device.
It should work the same.

Make sure you are fully seating the headphone jack. On brand new iOS devices it's not uncommon for the jack to be a but tight, and the plug to feel like it is all the way in, but still lack a bit. The microphone and volume button's are the most likely thing to stop working in that case. Without the last contact in place the iPad will think you've got a standard three conductor headset instead of a four conductor set (for mic and controls).

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