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Greeting from the Netherlands


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Aug 18, 2011
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The Netherlands
Hi, I am Nick from the Netherlands and have recently bought an iPad Pro 12.9 2015.
I have had several iPads and iPhones since they were introduced way back when but a couple of years ago I went over to Android because they offered me more bang for the buck.
I bought the iPad Pro because there is no decent Android tablet bigger than 10 inch anymore.
I still have an Android phone though, an LG V20.

Computers, tablets, smartphones and other consumer electronics are a hobby and I never hold on to a device for very long.

I hope to get some useful info from this forum. One advantage the iPad has is that there is a lot less tinkering possible compared to a rooted Android phone or tablet. I always had my iPhone and iPad jailbroken but I think the whole jailbreaking community is slowly dying.

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