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Get Up Close, Maybe Too Close, With Your iPad and a Wireless Microscope!


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Gizmodo reports today on a microscope peripheral designed to connect wirelessly to your iPad or iPhone, displaying video and images of objects within its radius, zoomed by up to 50x. The AirMicro A1 microscope has been primarily designed for the beauty and education industries, according to Gizmodo, and is expected to retail for around $400 when it goes on sale in North America in mid-June and Japan at the end of June.

The AirMicro has a 5MP image sensor and 50x lens, and uses an app which is already available on the iPad App Store to transfer captured images wirelessly to the iPad and then display them. The QVGA videos are captured in the 320 x 240 format at 15fps. The microscope is also compatible with replaceable lens units with magnification ratios of up to 200x, if you’re looking for something more powerful than the standard 50x lens unit.

The microscope is the brainchild of Japanese company Scalar Corp, who plan to sell 50,000 of the things in the first year, and 550,000 in three years, with the company expecting it will be mainly used in the beauty and education sectors, according to Tech-On.

Source: Gizmodo, Tech-On
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