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ForScore Not Overwrite (or Replacing) Files


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Sep 13, 2023
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Device: iPad (OS 17.5.1)
App: ForScore 14.0.3


I am the music supervisor for a Holiday Caroling company; we began using digital (PDF) versions of the songbook last season (2023) and I'm using ForScore (as are many of our singers. So, while I spent many hours learning about ForScore (as well as GoodNotes and MobileSheets), I am still pretty much a novice user of ForScore.

I am updating the Songbook for the upcoming 2024 season. Many of our singers have made handwritten annotations in their old copies, so I want them to be able to "overwrite" their old file with the new one and not lose those annotations. While I have added one new song, I have placed it at the end of the file (four additional pages) so as not to move any other songs out of their original page/position. I have also made corrections and adjustments to a number of the other songs--but, again, I have taken great care make sure they do not lose their page positons in the document.

I have made sure that both files (the old and the new) have the same name--but, in testing it, when I import the new one, ForScore does not offer me the option of Overwriting or Replacing the existing file (I would want to overwrite it); it simply imports it as an additional file (changing the ALL CAPS NAME name to Upper and Lower Name on the list).

Does anyone have any idea why this might be happeneing--and what I might be able to do to get ForScore to offer the "Overwrite" option?

Thanks, folks.


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