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Error 4013


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May 18, 2024
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Hi everyone. I have an ipad 7th gen. it was working fine untill a few weeks ago when i did the latest update. After that i just kept getting the apple logo on loop. Went on a few help sites and even got a techy guy round to look at it. Ive tried once again today to try and sort this, i plug it in to itunes, put it into DFU mode, itunes starts to download the software, goes as far as preparing to restore, then error 4013 comes up and im back to square one. My laptop doesnt recognise the ipad when ive plugged it in either. I dont know what to do next. Im not very tech savvy tbh, i could actually cry about this as ive stuff on the ipad i didnt want to lose. Please can any of you clever people help me
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Make sure your computer and iTunes are up to date.
Use a different cable when you connect your iPad to the computer. If possible, use a different computer as well.
If that doesn‘t help, you‘ll have to contact Apple.

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