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Do apps updated to Retina take the same amount of memory on ipad 2 as ipad 3?


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May 19, 2011
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Hi guys.

Just wanted to know as all apps are now being updated to support RETINA display for ipad 3..and in the process their size has increased considerably..Can someone tell if they take the same amount of space on ipad 2 as well. Or does it remain same as the ipad 2 display is not Retina.

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If I understand your question the answer is ipad1 and ipad2 are pushed the software updates for retina displays despite not having a retina display.

Translation....alot of disk space is going to lost to updates that serve no use to ipad1 and ipad2 owners.
Ok so that means we have to update to the big size apps for retina displays even if we dont have the retina displa! Thats sucks...Apple boo :(

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