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Couldn't backup from iCloud.


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Jul 23, 2012
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I bought True Blood season 4 using my iPad 2. I have the maximum storage space in iCloud so I never worried to backup to my computer. But then I thought I should transfer the season. I am in France so purchases only show music, not
videos. My iPad was not recognized and when it finally did, I did the transfer but then I lost the season in my iPad. I cannot sync the season using the computer. The tv series is now on the computer but absent from my iPad. It is the only tv series I cannot transfer. I then thought, no problem, I have an iCloud backup. But when I tried to restore to previous
backups from the iCloud, after doing the sync with my computer, the "others" file would just get bigger to the point that I couldn't sync at all. Any ideas as to how to get my previous backup without having this "others" file getting bigger? I
then restored my iPad as new, deleted everything and I could sync, no problem. But true blood does not get transferred
To my iPad. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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