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CES: Twelve South Launches ActionSleeve Armband for Apple Watch


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Twelve South launches Apple Watch ActionSleeve armband.JPG

With fitness tracking being one of the major selling points for Apple Watch, Twelve South has realized that there is a gap in the market for an accessory that keeps your precious watch safe during more vigorous types of exercise, such as kickboxing, weightlifting, and crossfit. The result is its new ActionSleeve armband, which Twelve South announced today.

Available in either red or black, the ActionSleeve straps your Apple Watch to your upper arm or bicep, keeping your wrist free. The ActionSleeve’s silicone bumper is designed to protect your watch from bangs and scrapes during the most energetic of sports. It can also improve heart rate monitoring, thanks to its tighter and more consistent skin contact. Yet while protected, your Apple Watch is also always reachable and accessible.

The sleeve is also useful for people with disabilities, such as Cameron Massengale, a Senior at The Citadel military college in South Carolina and member of the Summerall Guards precision drill platoon, and also a competitive athlete, and also an amputee.
“Right now I carry my phone in my hand when I run which is a huge inconvenience when you only have one hand. The biggest concern is that if I take a fall during training, I am either going to drop my phone or take a hard hit,” said Massengale. “By moving Apple Watch to my bicep I feel a lot more comfortable and more natural in my running stance.”

The ActionSleeve comes in three sizes (38mm, 42mm, and 42 slim), and costs $29.99.

Source: ActionSleeve Armband for Apple Watch - Thinking beyond the wrist.

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