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Can GoodReader display correctly an Interactive PDF file with Action button ?


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Nov 30, 2011
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I have created an Interactive PDF file of power point slides with a single Action Button at the center of each of the slides in a PDF form. I can display the PDF file within Adobe Acrobat and the user has the option of clicking on the action button or not. If the user doesn't click the action button, he just view the slide and go to the next slide when he is ready.

If the user decides to click on the action button on the PDF side, the action button will open a file (which for me is a short video mp4 movie or clip). Upon completion of the video, it will close and the current slide is visible again. The user can then move to the next slide if he wish.

When I look at the property of this action button on a PC, is has the pathname c:\Video\V20110123_041.mp4

I can set these pathname to what an iPad will be. Let say, I put this video file in a folder called "MyVideo", I assume on an iPad, the extension of .mp4 is not used ??

Can some help me to describe what is the pathname that would be need for the folder "MyVideo" and with a the video file I indicated ??

Will the GoodReader be able to do what I described above ???

I also heard that GoodReader use iits own media player to play a video. If that was the case, can I just use .mpg format without converting it to .mp4 ???

Or if someone has a better solution, I would appreciate any help !

Thank You,



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Jan 8, 2011
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Milton-Freewater, OR
GoodReader will not do interactive PDFs. I'm not aware of any iPad app that does interactive PDFs. I'm not sure what video file formats GoodReader will play, but suspect it is just the native ones. They have a pretty good support site. I'm sure you can find the answer there.

I don't believe you can do what you want in Numbers either. It will play movies, but there is no action button choice. They will play as you go through the slides, no matter what (though you can simply go to the next slide to stop movie playback). One of the other office suite apps may be able to handle interaction. You should probably check out their support sites: Office HD, Documents to Go, and QuickOffice are the most popular ones.

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