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Buy A Sprint Overdrive and Get A Free iPad Case


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Jan 17, 2010
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Sprint is trying to persuade iPad owners to adopt its Overdrive 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot device by offering a smart iPad case, which Sprint is cunningly calling the “4G Case”, for free to anyone purchasing the Overdrive at BestBuy. The case even has a neat little pocket to house the Overdrive next to your iPad, all nice and cosy!

When using the Overdrive, you can connect up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices at 4G speeds within the 4G coverage area (you can see a list of all 4G cities on the Sprint website). If you’re not in one of the 4G areas, the Overdrive will automatically switch over to Sprint’s 3G network. Wired.com points out that many people are seriously thinking about using the Overdrive with a Wi-Fi iPad instead of getting a 3G iPad when it comes out, with the benefit being that you can use it with other devices as well as the iPad. On the downside, Wired counters, you’ll have to take out a contract with Sprint in order to use the Overdrive, which will actually work out more expensive than pay-as-you-go with the iPad 3G. You pays your money and you takes your choice!

By Maura Sutton, iPad Forum
Thanks for the tip Seadog
I'm not knocking those that need this type of device for their laptops as they travel, etc. - not at all. But for the iPad alone (which is where I fall) $100 one time charge and $60 per month for a 5GB cap and the honor of lugging that thing around - no thanks.
I was considering one, we do have 4g here, but I decided to just give my daughter my wifi iPad and get the 3G for myself. Main reason was the average 3 hour battery life.
I agree, tethering the iPad with your cell phone makes more sense :)

When Sprint releases the EVO 4G, that will make a killer combo.
I agree, tethering the iPad with your cell phone makes more sense :)

When Sprint releases the EVO 4G, that will make a killer combo.

Yea but even that tends to defeat the purpose of an always on machine. Specially if you have to nurse your phone with a spare batter, charger, etc. You could have an iPad with 10 hours battery life - and a Samsung Omnia that operates walking hot spot for an hour before running out of juice.
Why I would I want to tether it to my cell phone, it burns down 2 batteries and on the iphone ( what I have) it turns off the phone calls ability while it's tethered, at least that is my understanding.
I am using a Virgin mobile wifi modem with my Ipad which is working well. Here in Australia 3G Internet is priced extortionately and on a plan a both $50 a month for 5gig. I have gone with a prepaid service rather than be tied to a plan. The major drawback to the wifi modem is batty life which is 4 hours maximum.

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