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Blurry restored photos on iPad2


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May 7, 2012
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I just got on to this forum last week due to a problem I have.

My wife has an iPad2 (32GB, 3G and wifi) and I upgraded it from iOS4.3 to iOS5.1 a while back. I backed up the iPad on my laptop using iTunes which was not a good idea as apps and files for mixed up with my iPhone stuff. In any case, after the upgrade, things seemed fine except the photos on the iPad are now blurry (newly taken and newly uploaded photos are ok though).

I read that this may be due to the iPad running low on storage space and the system compressed the photos upon restoring but the iPad has heaps of space (over 20Gb). I don't know if the system has a backup of the files anywhere on my laptop. iCloud indicates that there was a backup done yesterday but if I restore from there, will the new photos be deleted?

The important thing is I wold like to get the old photos back. Can someone tell me how or where they may be stored?

Much obliged.


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