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Jun 27, 2011
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I've seen a number of discussions on this issue, but not found anyone who has quite the same issue as i have.
I have a subscription to Audible.com and download a couple of audiobooks a month. I use the Audible download manager and copy the files on to a portable hard disc.
With my iPhone, I simply go in iTunes to File/Add file, select the downloaded audiobook files. Then, when i synch the iPhone, the audiobooks appear in the right place.
With the iPad i have tried doing the same. I use the Add file feature. When I look at the iPad on iTunes, the audiobooks duly appear under the Books tab (at the bottom in a separate listing as audiobooks) - giving me full titles, image of the cover and so on. I click on the title, and choose 'Synch selected titles'. But when i synch the iPad, they don't copy across. When I hope the iPod app i am told there are no audiobooks.
I am using a v1 iPad, 3gs.
Anyone have any ideas please?!
I can't duplicate the problem.

The books you want to sync have a checkmark beside them? I know, of course they do, but I have to ask.

Try a restart and if that does not work a reset. Missing things have been known to appear after, though this would be a first for audio books.

Restart: Hold down the power button until the power off slider appears. Slide it off. When the iPad finishes shutting down, hold down the power button again until the Apple logo appears.

Reset: Hold down the power and home buttons until the Apple logo appears. The iPad will reboot. This usually takes a bit longer than a restart.
There is also a free Audible app - for the iPhone, but works on the iPad just fine - that will allow you to download Audible books in your Audible library just fine. You can't purchase new books with the app and they must be downloaded using WiFi but, other than that, it works just fine. The app has some stupid gimmicks but its basic functionality is OK.

Yes, as I say, iTunes can clearly see the books. They appear under the books tab, under audiobooks - the cover image plus a listing of the parts. I check them, and check the synch selected titles box. And then I synch the iPad and they fail to appear.
Just tried restarting and resetting but that's not worked.
I will try the Audible App.
It's just very odd, because on the iPhone, using the same books, it is really simple - just add files using the file command, and the rest is done for you.
I've always used the Audible app and found it to be almost flawless. Once you log in to your account your audiobooks will all be there available for download.
thank you v much. The Audible app worked a treat. It's odd that the iPhone and iPad treat the same thing so differently. But they work, so I am happy. Thanks again.

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