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Apr 27, 2013
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almeria spain
Hi Apple buddies, I've just bought an iPad 2 64bit off eBay & I've watched loads of videos on Youtube on how to use it. When it came it had the 6.1.3 update installed & I got myself set up with passwords etc.. & introduced it to my Window laptop & iTunes & backed it up. I've now looked at some of the different apps in the app store & tried downloading a few, some paid & some free. I cant really afford to keep buying the apps as its cleaned me out buying the pad so I've been looking at the free apps & it seems that the free ones all come with what I call baggage, like adverts or they want you to sign up for something or " This App doesn't work in your area but pay for it & it will ". I thought about jailbreaking it & putting Cidia on but from what I can understand my operating system is too up to date, I did a jailbreak on my wife's Kindle HD & that was fine. So im looking for advise on how I can jailbreak it & if not do you think there will be a jailbreak 6.1.3 in the near future, or could I download apple apps off somewhere like " PirateBay " & install them manually or is there a site where I can get Apps from that are decent for free ? I am fairly technical but please don't baffle me with science LOL Thankyou
Ok, after your good start, this post is somewhat disappointing.

First, there is no Jailbreak for iOS 6.1.3 and it's unlikely that there will be.

Secondly, Jailbreaking is used for customising your iOS device and not for stealing Apps! Piracy, which is exactly what you are describing is theft, theft = illegal. Our rules are clear, we do not permit discussion of piracy so there will be no more discussion of this subject here. Those App Devs rely on a small income to fund the continuing development of the apps that we rely to make our devices useful, so please, don't even consider stealing from them.

Don't be a pirate!

This thread is now closed!

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