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Apps requierments?


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May 11, 2010
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Sorry if this is a dumb question but its confusing me but on the Itunes store when you look under Requierments its says. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad. Requiers iPhone OS 3.0 or Later. Every App ive looked at says Requiers iPhone OS 3.0 Do i actualy need the iphone then?. Ive been looking at the GPS Apps Mobile Maps UK and Irland It says this requierments on there too.

I have preorded the 32GB WIFI + 3G so will this work on there?. But the main question is about why does it say Requiers iPhone OS 3.0 or Later?.

Oh carnt w8t till the 28th which is only 1 week on Friday which i preorded mine be for they changed the date to june so i should get mine on or be for the 28th :D kewl.



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May 2, 2010
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The iPad also uses "iPhone OS 3.2".

Ok it is a really good question because "compatible with" means it'll work.
It does not mean "designed for" which means it will look right.

You will see three basic themes:
:) Apps that will work and look good only on the iPad:

:D Apps that will and look good work only on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch:

This type of app is the best if you also use an iPhone or iPod touch. In fact this type of app will show screen shots for both types devices:

:( Apps that will work but will look poor on an iPad because they were originally designed for iPhone:


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