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Apple Tops Brand Intimacy Survey for Second Year Running


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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9to5 Mac reports today that according to MBLM’s annual Brand Intimacy survey, which polled 6,000 people from the US, Mexico, and United Arab Emirates, Apple is still the number 1 brand that they feel they have an emotional bond with.

Apple also came out on top in last year’s Brand Intimacy survey from MBLM, but this year it broke the results down into millennials and older consumers, with the result that Apple was still top in both age groups.

The main differences between the groups are that Disney does not fare so well with millennials, Amazon does better with them, and YouTube places third.

“We were surprised and pleased to see YouTube as an addition to the top three most intimate brands for millennials this year,” said MBLM’s managing partner, Mario Natarelli. “We believe its rise is due to our culture’s continued need for escape and the brand’s immediate, diverse content, personalities and growing offerings in movies and live TV. YouTube is clearly an established ritual in the lives of many millennials.”

Source: Millennials feel closer emotional bond to Apple than any other brand, says large-scale brand survey

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