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Apple Supposedly Considering Buying Time Warner Assets for Apple TV Streaming


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Jul 27, 2011
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We found some intriguing industry intel regarding potential future plans from Apple. Supposedly, the leadership in Cupertino is considering buying up some or all of Time Warner's assets. The theory behind the rumor is that Apple would do this to add a substantial amount of value directly to their upcoming Apple TV Streaming service.

If Apple was able to pull off a gargantuan deal like this, it would allow them to effectively bypass one of the main hurdles they have experienced in getting their Apple TV Streaming off the ground. The main problem is that Apple is having trouble getting the various TV content providers to play ball and offer up decent value in licensing deals for Apple's TV Streaming concept. Time Warner owns CNN, HBO, TBS, TNT, NBA TV, Cartoon Network and the Warner Bros. division. This would be a huge portfolio for Apple to use as leverage.

Apple would still have plenty of competitors in the arena (like CBS, ABC, Fox, Disney, Viacom, Discovery), but they may be more willing to play ball with Apple simply to stop them from going through with a deal like this. Apple does have the capital to push through a buyout of this magnitude, if it can pass regulatory muster.

Either way, it's just an industry rumor (and could simply be wishful thinking on the part of Time Warner CEO Jeffrey Bewkes), so take it with a grain of salt. What do you think of this rumor?

Source: MacRumors
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