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Apple Releases Romantic New Holiday Ad


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Apple debuts new Sway holiday ad.JPG

9to5 Mac reports that Apple is celebrating Thanksgiving and the start of the holiday season today by releasing its annual holiday advertisement. Entitled “Sway,” the video is, somewhat surprisingly, much more about AirPods than the iPhone X. Of course, AirPods have been such a success it’s easy to forget that this is the first holiday season that they will be readily available, as last year they were very much in short supply.

Music is very much the theme of the advert, as it features a couple, wearing AirPods, of course, dancing to Sam Smith’s track “Palace” from his latest album, “The Thrill Of It All.”

“Real love is never a waste of time. Such an honour for Apple to choose ‘Palace’ to soundtrack their holiday advert. I hope you enjoy watching,” tweeted Smith about the video.

The advert begins with a woman dancing around a town in the snow listening to the song on her AirPods. She bumps into a male dancer, and shares one of her AirPods with him. They then perform an incredible dance together.

When the advert draws to a close, we see that the dance was in fact all in the imagination of the woman, and the couple go their separate ways at the end. “Move someone this holiday,” is the message.

Source: Apple’s holiday ad shows off wireless AirPods and a stunning dance performance in the snow

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