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Apple online store adds “Answers from the Community†feature


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Jul 27, 2011
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Apple is already known for offering a very good costumer oriented shopping experience within its online store, and now it is taking it to the next level. As of this week, Apple added a new element which aims to make the process of figuring out which iPhone or iPad to buy in the online environment easier and more pleasurable.

Apple embedded a new section into its website called “Answers from the community.†Now, customers can ask fellow customers whatever question they have on their minds about Apple products, and potentially get a quick response from fellow Apple buyers.

Here are a couple examples: “Why is the iPad 2 better than the new iPad?â€, “Will this cover work for the new iPadâ€.

From now on, if you have a question related to any product whatsoever, just scroll down at the bottom of most product pages and post your questions to other device owners. “Answers from the Community†also comes with a built in search bar plus a list of links to the most asked questions and popular topics.

For now, most of the new section is available for Macs, the iPad and iPhone. At the moment, there are no available “Answers from the community†features for the iPod, MacPro or AppleTV products, but Apple could be working on that as we speak.

By Radu

Source: Online Apple Store adds 'Answers from the Community' to product pages
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