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Apple could launch a thinner iPad 5 along with a redesigned Smart Cover


News Team
Jun 22, 2012
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Every Apple user is eagerly awaiting for Apple to unveil the next iPad on October 22. Most of the rumors and leaks we’ve seen suggest that the fifth generation iPad is going to adopt the form factor of the iPad Mini, which means it will be thinner. So if you’ll try to put the old Smart Cover on a new iPad 5, it won’t work.

That’s why this new report makes sense. A Monday research note from Cantor Fitzgerald's Brian J. White suggests that Apple's next full-sized iPad is going to be between one-half and three-quarters of an inch narrower than the iPad 4, which means it will only work with a redesigned Smart Cover. White said:

â€Given this change in size, we believe this will provide Apple with an excuse to unveil a new Smart Cover and drive an upgrade cycle for this line of cases (also an upgrade cycle for non-Apple branded iPad cases), which we believe is an attractive margin product for Apple. Essentially, if you own a case for prior versions of the iPad, you will need to buy a new case for the iPad 5."

The current average price of a Smart Cover for the iPad is $50, so if the iPad 5 comes with a serious redesign, it means you’ll have to sell your old one and go for the updated model. We don’t know if the new Smart Cover will come equipped with some innovative functionalities, which would definitely help Apple sell more.

White also informs that Apple's installed base of iPad owners is ready to update, stimulated by the fact that very few changes were found on the previous two models. This is concordant with Gazelle’s recent report, the buy-back service seeing the volumes of iPad trade-ins skyrocketing after the October 22 media event date was leaked. Will you be buying a new Smart Cover?

Source: AppleInsider


iPF Novice
Nov 12, 2010
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I'm ready to order my iPad 5. I hope they offer bigger memory. Also excited to learn about a new cover. I find the current cover feels a bit cheap in terms of form and function (but not price lol... well it is an Apple product!). It will be good to see if they can improve on the current offering.

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