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Apple AirPort Express


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Mar 2, 2013
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[h=1]Apple AirPort Express[/h]hi all again thanks in advance

ok so were getting a few apple products in the house now what i want is to be able to stream videos /files etc from a external HD we have apple tv but no storage
if i get a new external HD can i connect it to airport and see the items on our ipads and iphones !!

or how can i do it !!!

many thanks
Hi. No, Airport Express will handle printers only - see here; Apple (United Kingdom) - Wi-Fi - Compare Wi-Fi base stations. And just to confirm, I plugged an external USB HD into one of my AEs and the HD didn't appear on the network :(

AirPort Extreme allows HD connections over the USB port - you'll need some like the FileBrowser app to access the drive on an iOS device, then you could stream it to your ATV with AirPlay.

HTH Pete

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