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Angry Birds Seasons to get Hanami/Cherry Blossom Update This Week


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Destructoid reports today that Angry Birds Seasons will be getting another celebratory seasonal update sometime this week. This one looks set to be very pretty indeed, as it will be in celebration of Japan’s Hanami festival, which is when all the beautiful cherry blossom appears on the trees in Japan. It only lasts for a very few days, but when it appears, the Japanese people like to go out into the parks at night and have picnics under the cherry trees. It truly is a spectacular and wonderful sight, and as you can see from Rovio’s promo pic for the game, the pigs are celebrating the festival in traditional style, having a picnic under the trees and eating their sushi in a bento! It’s not long before the birds come along and try to spoil their fun though, and it seems that the beautiful cherry blossoms haven’t improved their mood any! According to Destructoid the update will have 15 new hanami-themed levels, all set against the glorious backdrop of Mount Fuji.

[FONT=&amp]Source: New Angry Birds Seasons update blossoms this week -Destructoid[/FONT]

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