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all pictures and videos in 1 app


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Jan 30, 2012
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Hi everyone

I have question and hope that anyone know answer.
I buy in app store Photo Sort and I make folder and sort out all my pictures and videos (that I make with I pad). Also when I receive pictures by mail normally i save them to My Photos and later only move to Photo Sort and everything is great. So now problem and question start. I receive video clip my mail and I download video and when I wont to save him together with other videos in Photo Sort I don't have that option. When I keep holding attachment he ask open with. I using good reader and when open with him I can see video and move him to folder of good reader but I still cant move to Photo Sort. When Does anyone know how to move to Photo Sort video clip from my mail box? Also when I keep holding attachment in mail and when pop up window with open with why he doest give option open with Photo Sort same as he give for other apps?

Hope that someone know how to fix this because I am quite sure that a lot of as would like to keep all photo and video clips in same folder.

Thanks for your time

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