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Add files from a different computer?! HOW?


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Dec 25, 2010
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Toronto, canada
I am on vacation and have downloaded some ebook/epub , ipa app,and some movie torrents on my net book and I would like to add these files to me and my wife's ipads. It seems that if I add the pub books to hers,it would erase her existent library...as it wants tom now sync with this new one.
The same with adding the ipa app to MY iPad...it looks like it would delete everything there.
Is there no way I could add this stuff to our ipads without losing what is already on there?
All the existent file backups are on a computer at home...
Rule number one.
Never SYNC books, Songs, etc'
Just copy them.

Regarding ipa files. You can't just copy them. You need to install them meaning the only thing
you do sync from iTune, is the application.
Lots of threads here about "sync" just make a search, and read all of them.
You could dl and install Dropbox on both iPads and on the Netbook, create a free 2GB account....copy you files into the dropbox folder on your Netbook....and sync both iPads to the Dropbox account once the Netbook has synced online. Ok if the files are not too big.

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