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Accessory Makers Have Been Slow to Adopt the iPad Pro Smart Connector


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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9to5 Mac reports that 2 years on from the first iPad Pro launch, the Smart Connector has not taken off in the way that Apple would probably have hoped it would. Fast Company this week took a look at how accessory makers view the Smart Connector and why they haven't yet warmed to it.

According to Fast Company, many of the accessory makers that they spoke to blamed the long wait times and high prices of Smart Connector components for their reluctance to adopt the Smart Connector. Other manufacturers mentioned that Bluetooth is a better option than the Smart Connector, with Incipio saying that as Logitech already has its Smart Connector keyboard, it is looking for something different.

“With an iPad Pro keyboard on the market already, we are evaluating the market’s appetite for another iPad Pro keyboard and identifying if there are any gaps that we can fill,” said Incipio spokeswoman Kelly McElroy. “So we are developing with having a point of difference in mind rather than developing to be quick to market.”

An anonymous case-maker said that long wait times for Smart Connector components can be problematic, stating, “When you’ve got a long lead time component that’s close to six months, that’s just not tenable.”

The CEO of Brydge, a company that makes popular Bluetooth keyboards, was even less enthusiastic about the Smart Connector, saying that the technology is “incredibly limiting” and that Brydge has “ no reason” to work with the connector as it currently stands, although that could change. “Looking ahead, there is no reason why the Smart Connector wouldn’t be considered for future Brydge products if the application is right.”

Apple simply states that it is working with “multiple companies” to develop Smart Connector accessories.

Source: Apple working with ‘multiple companies’ on new Smart Connector accessories

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