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256 MB enough?


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Mar 25, 2010
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According to the dissections, the iPad only has 256 mb of core memory. While most laptops are dealing with minimums of 2 GB of RAM, it was not too long ago that most computers would max out at 256 MB. Do you wish that it had more available?
Since the iPad does not multitask I'm not sure what benefit we would get from more RAM.
I'm not a computer programmer but wouldn't it be possible for the "new" OS (4.0?) to use some of the flash memory to run 2 or 3 aps at the same time?
There are mixed information on about the amount of ram the ipad has, some sites say 256mb but this site that lists the components of the ipad and the costs and what the part is says 2gb
Apple iPad Costs $260 to Build, iSuppli Finds - PCWorld
You can just look and see but I don't think we can really say how much ram memory this has until later.
iPad Tech Specs: Cortex A8, 256MB Ram, PowerVR SGX 535
Sunday April 04, 2010 02:55 PM EST
Written by Arnold Kim
With the iPad now in the hands on developers and consumers. we finally get a peek into the internal hardware and performance of the device.

Early benchmarks from the device show that the iPad is about twice as fast as the iPhone 3GS when running native applications. The speed up appears to be entirely focused within Apple's A4 processor, as it appears the iPad shares the same PowerVR SGX 535 GPU and same 256MB RAM found in the iPhone 3GS. Early hardware teardown reports had claimed 512MB of RAM but these have later been corrected. 256MB of RAM also corresponds to the available RAM the system reports to apps.

This is what I am going by.

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