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    Music player that shows commentary id3 tags in library browser

    Hi, been looking for a couple of days now, but can't find an app that shows commentary tags in the library browser that I have previously written in the mp3 files. I would need to see these without having to open another option, so I could scroll down the playlists seeing all the commentaries...
  2. M

    MP3 into iMovie

    Hello, I put an mp3 into my email. How do I drop it into iMovie? Please......
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    Transfer MP3 from gmail to ipad

    Hi there- A DJ friend of ours helped us do some custom mashups for our wedding this weekend and emailed them to me via gmail in MP3 format. We are traveling to Mexico and the resort requires that the music we bring has be on an apple device. I know you can't save the MP3'S directly from Gmail...
  4. Y

    Transferring .mp3 files (audio books) from my PC

    Hello, I'm new to the forum and also feels like new to the digital world so thanks for your patience if this is a very silly question. I have iPad Mini from 2~4 years ago. I have several .mp3 files ranging from 50MB to 200MB downloaded to my external hard drive. Those are audio books and I'd...