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    Cannot Facetime with my Wife.

    We just bought Ipads 6th generation for each other for Mother's day and Father's day. The problem we are having is that we can not Facetime each. We have a shared AppleID, but setup separate icloud IDs as we thought this was what we needed to do. When we bring up contacts, ours are not...
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    Woman Says FaceTime Saved Her Life When Her Sister Spotted Her Stroke Symptoms

    AppleInsider reports today that a woman from New York City, Opokua Kwapong, is crediting FaceTime with saving her life after her sister, Adumea Sapong, noticed during a call from the UK that her sister was showing stroke symptoms. When Sapong called her older sister via FaceTime and woke her...
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    Help!! I have echo when using Facetime with 12.9

    Hi, I have a new iPad Pro 12.9. But when I call my relative she always complains that my voice is echoing at her end. Sometimes, apparently, this is worse than others. I have Googled but can't find anything to help? Is this par for the course or do I have a dud?? I really would appreciate any...
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    Removing FaceTime green strip from home screen

    I do not need FaceTime. I opened it accidentally while editing a contact. I tried to close it, but ended up with a green strip saying "Touch to resume FaceTime". It is ALWAYS there with all the Apps. It is a nuisance especially when scrolling browser tabs, Safari or Chrome, and all too often...