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  1. Knightoftheapp

    Home Button Problem

    Hello, I've got a problem. I have an iPad air 2. It's not on warranty. The Home button is broken. I push it and nothing happens. Since Apple will not replace the IPad, what are my options? Is there someplace I can go to get it fixed? Thanks for your help.
  2. angelot209

    How can i fix my ipad? screen is fuzzy with big gray lines that distort everything

    I have been trying to see if anyone else has this same problem? i dont know what caused this. I want to know if i need to buy a new screen and digitizer? or if its just a loose wire. please help. ps i have tried slapping it in the back but nothing.
  3. Tmicz6911

    Camera problem

    I had a iPad 1 and was able to use the cameras, front and back but then one day the camera completely disappeared from my iPad. Did search in setting and no camera. Downloaded a mirror app to maybe get access to the camera but no response on the app. Like that with all apps. Thought maybe I...