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augmented reality

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    Pokémon Go Gets Exclusive iPhone AR+ Mode

    9to5 Mac reports today that Niantic has announced that Pokémon Go now has an iPhone-exclusive AR+ mode thanks to Apple’s ARKit. The company originally demoed the new augmented reality Pokémon Go features back in June at Apple’s WWDC, but now it’s finally here and being rolled out to...
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    Apple Said to be Working on Augmented Reality Headset for 2020

    Bloomberg has yet another Apple scoop today, with Mark Gurman reporting that Apple’s work on its augmented reality headset project continues apace. So much so, in fact, that it is planning on having the technology completed by 2019, ready for launch in 2020. Bloomberg’s source says that Apple...
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    First ARKit Apps, Including Ikea, Arrive in the App Store

    With the advent of iOS 11 yesterday, which seems to be working very smoothly for most of us, iPhone and iPad users get their first chance to play augmented reality apps build using ARKit. AppleInsider reports on some of the first ARKit apps to appear in the App Store. One of the very first is...
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    Apple Said to be Working on “Several Different Kinds” of Augmented Reality Wearables

    Apple is currently trying out “several different kinds” of wearable augmented reality (AR) prototypes trying to work out the “most compelling application” for an AR headset, reports the Financial Times, via MacRumors. The Financial Times says that according to its sources, at least one of the...
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    Rumour: Apple Could Release an AR Headset as Soon as the Middle of This Year

    AppleInsider reports today that augmented reality (AR) expert Robert Scoble has once again been talking about the possibility of Apple partnering with Carl Zeiss to release an AR headset, possibly even as soon as the middle of 2017. Speaking on yesterday’s “This Week in Tech” show, Scoble says...
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    Rumour: Apple and Carl Zeiss Working on AR Glasses for 2018 Launch

    According to a new report from AR/VR expert Robert Scoble, via AppleInsider, Apple has teamed up with optics maker Carl Zeiss to work on a pair of augmented reality/mixed reality glasses that could be launched as soon as next year. Scoble says that the fact that the Zeiss booth at CES this year...
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    Apple Will be 3 to 5 Years Ahead in Augmented Reality Tech

    9to5 Mac reports that well-sourced KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has written in a note to investors that Apple’s decision to focus on augmented reality (AR) rather than virtual reality (VR) will give Apple a 3 to 5 year lead on the rest of the industry when it comes to launching its first AR...