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apple park

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    Latest Apple Park Drone Footage Shows the Lush Landscaping in All Its Glory

    Apple Park is almost complete, but the latest 4K drone tour posted by drone videographer Matthew Roberts reveals that there’s still a fair bit to be done before work is finished altogether. Roberts’ newest video shows that much of the parkland surrounding the various campus buildings has now...
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    Apple Park Visitor Center is Now Open to the Public

    MacRumors reports that as of Friday, Apple Park’s Visitor Center is now open for the public to visit. The impressive building has a cantilevered carbon fiber roof that was designed to give the appearance of floating in air. Directly inside the entrance of the building is a 3D model of the...
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    Latest Apple Park Drone Video Shows Steve Jobs Theater Ahead of Sept. 12 iPhone Launch

    MacRumors reports that drone pilot Duncan Sinfield has today posted his latest drone video footage of Apple Park, aptly entitled “From Dreams to Reality.” The new flyover takes an up-close look at the newly completed Steve Jobs Theater where Apple will be holding its special iPhone launch event...
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    New Drone Apple Park Footage Showcases Steve Jobs Theater Ahead of Sept. iPhone Launch

    Duncan Sinfield has posted another gorgeous HD Apple Park drone video on YouTube, writes 9to5 Mac. While no one is getting carried away just yet, the video does offer the hope that the forthcoming iPhone launch event due this September will take place in the Steve Jobs Theater. As 9to5 Mac...
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    Amazing New Apple Park Drone Footage Shows Steve Jobs Theater Atrium

    9to5 Mac reports today on some stunning new 4K drone footage courtesy of Matthew Roberts, which gives a great view of the atrium of the Steve Jobs Theater. It appears that the building work is progressing steadily, and in the video you can see some finishing touches, such as the solar panels...
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    Gorgeous New Apple Park Drone Footage Shows Landscaping Progress

    MacRumors reports that drone photographer Duncan Sinfield has today posted a new “Aerial Update” video of Apple Park on YouTube that shows the development of some of the landscaping projects in particular. Here’s his description of the video, which explains a little more about it: Once...
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    Apple Maps Now Shows Apple Park Campus in 3D

    MacRumors reports that Apple has added 3D building models of its new Apple Park Campus to Apple Maps, giving a whole new insight to the new structure. Since the Maps update you can now see 3D building models in the Map view, as well as roads leading to and from the campus. If you search the...
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    Apple’s New Campus Name Revealed as Apple Park

    Apple has today announced the name of its spaceship-shaped campus, which is nearing completion in Cupertino, California. The new 175-acre campus, which will be open for employees to start using in April, will be called Apple Park. Over a period of 6 months, more than 12,000 people will be moved...