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  1. therealriley

    Being sent to the Home Screen when in Safari and Mail

    It is usually a low memory error. You need to keep about 4gb free for smoother operation. Ive not got the ipad air so i dont get the exact same issues but try the usual things like freeing up memory, dont over fill with apps, delete the app and reinstall it from the appstore, check with the app...
  2. therealriley

    Should i buy an iphone 5S? Camera quality?

    Can anyone give me some info? Im looking to get a new phone as mine is broken now. I can get an upgrade now but should i go for the 5s? I hate buying apple products with the next model looming round the corner but i need a phone now. I mostly need a good camera, i had a nokia Nseries with a 12mp...
  3. therealriley

    Alternatives to plex media server

    Well i found it out by myself but for anyone else out there that needs the help. Mediaconnect app works fine coupled with flex player app to play some of the different formats. Works for all images, music and video. I just had to reset my pc to get it to work. It connects to my win 7 server and...
  4. therealriley

    Ipad model and serial number from Itunes?

    Have you got a friend with an Iphone/iPad etc try and use the find my iphone, enter your Apple ID an password to the app and you can search for your device. The longer you leave it the less chance of recovery though.
  5. therealriley

    iPad2 infected with trojan virus (?)

    I doubt it its most likely a pop up from the site your on. Im sure you can turn on a pop up blocker in settings.
  6. therealriley

    Alternatives to plex media server

    Can anyone suggest an alternative to plex to play my media server files. I have plex on the pc but it has been temperamental lately. When i search for my server on my tv or ps3 i have plex server and windows 7 server come up together which is the same files. I dont know how i set this up but it...
  7. therealriley

    How long should a ipad last

    I got my iPad 2 just before the iPad 3 was released, which was annoying at the start but ive found the only thing that slows it down is the updates. Until two days ago i kept my iPad 2 on iOS 5.0.1 and never had any lag issues, in fact the only issue i came across was i could not download the...
  8. therealriley

    Ipad to a 23" cinema display A1082

    You need an hdmi adapter for the iPad and a DVI to hdmi cable. That will work perfectly.
  9. therealriley

    iFlash does't work with lighting to 30 pin adapter

    Does the lightning adapter work to charge your ipad from your ipod charger? Your not doing anything wrong it just seems to not be compatible. Maybe there is a slight power difference between the cables. Ive had ipad, ipods and iphones for years and loads of adapters for different things and...
  10. therealriley

    my ipad was hacked while I was using it.

    What version of ios are you all using? Im sure its a faulty screen though. What was you all doing at the time when it happened. Are you sure it was not just lagging and playing up? I bet its hard to try and prove it if nobody believes you though. It wouldnt surprise me if it was possible...
  11. therealriley

    New Member Being Hacked

    Unless you have items shared on your wifi device that could be picked up on a wifi network as a public folder. I highly doubt it. Same as if he knows your password to your device he could access it when you leave your device around for him to physically pick it up and browse through it or use...
  12. therealriley

    app or device made to automatically tap repetitively!

    Buy a few stylus's on ebay for 99p and invent something
  13. therealriley

    Connecting my ipad to the PC first time in a year will it blank it?

    Hi all, ive just bought a pc and i need to hook my ipad up and finally back it up. Ive never done a back up because i did not have a pc and icloud did not have enough space to perform a back up. So its absolutley vital i dont lose my in app files/info when plugging it into itunes for the first...
  14. therealriley

    TIPS AND TRICKS - for those of us who don't know!

    Cant say i have had that issue myself, i still use it all the time but only on certain websites. You cant really tell but i guess its more to do with the websites your viewing although i couldnt say for sure.
  15. therealriley

    Transfer from PC

    Ive not done this for a while but when you plug it in to the PC. You can cancel the sync. Then open my computer go to ipad device and drag and drop all the pics in the folder you want. Not sure if you can still do this though as i dont use a PC no more.