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    IMovie on iPad

    The camera connection kit works fine with Apple video devices. You can plug an iPhone 4 directly into the kit and the iPad and download movies to iMovie easily. Some versions of the Flip camera download the same way. It's the video format that isn't compatible with your iPad. You can...
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    Ipad 2 now? Or 3 later?

    For some strange reason, when I was looking to sell my original iPad quickly online (, I watched the pricing rise for my model until one week before the new iPad started shipping. That's when the price actually peaked. I sold mine at that time and watched the prices fall again...
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    Cracked the ipad screen, got a free replacement from the apple store

    Mine was replaced well after 14 days with a brand new ipad2 that works perfectly. Where did you hear that your 3 iPads were remanufactured?
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    The Official I have returned my ipad 2

    Do you have an Apple Store in your town? Don't mess with other retailers, you can take a new iPad to any Apple Store. If you can demonstrate the problem they will replace the iPad. I had a problem that wasn't even covered under warranty (the iPad fell on the floor, shattering the screen)...
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    Cracked the ipad screen, got a free replacement from the apple store

    The cat pushed my iPad2 off a counter and onto a tile floor. The case was folded behind the iPad when it fell, and of course it hit the floor screen side down. It was shattered, so was I. I went to my local Apple Store and they gave me a new one on the spot. No wonder Apple has so many fans!
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    I will be annoyed if the iPad 3 is released this September.

    oh...that topic... :) I don't see any way that Apple would refresh the iPad in September. That will be the timeframe that the new iPhone5 will be shipping, and iOS 5 will launch. Apple likes to spread out their launches of major device. And, it's been widely noted that the iPad2 was built...
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    I will be annoyed if the iPad 3 is released this September.

    Almost non-existent market? Apple iPad Fastest-Selling Consumer Electronics Product in History - John Paczkowski - News - AllThingsD "iPad: Fastest-selling consumer electronics product in history. Apple (AAPL) sold three million iPads in the first 80 days following its April release...
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    I will be annoyed if the iPad 3 is released this September.

    The tablet market is almost non-existent?? Global shipments of tablets are expected to top 60 million in 2011 alone. 40 million are expected to be iPads, a 60% share of the market. Right now now Apple owns 82% of the tablet market. Tablets are stealing market share from the netbook sector...
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    Ipad 2 4.3.3 terrible battery life

    I don't track the actual hours, but I use mine on and off all day (9am - 11pm) for browsing, email, and creating Keynote decks, etc. When I plug the iPad in to the charger in the late evening I still have around 45% battery left.
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    How do I increase the Volume?

    Jambox is fantastic. I use it every day, big sound, tiny size. The rechargeable battery lasts longer than the iPad.
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    imovie on ipad2 can ONLY edit ipad videos

    Not necessarily. The iPhone has a higher resolution sensor. And there are iPhone apps that give complete manual control over white balance, focus, and exposure which keep the image settings from floating around during shooting. The Flip is all automatic.
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    The Official I have returned my ipad 2

    iOS5 is only in beta testing right now, as stated, it won't be officially released for a few months (fall). For those waiting for the iPad 3 because they don't like iTunes, this will be a much more immediate solution.
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    The Official I have returned my ipad 2

    Many of your issues will be solved in a few months. With iCloud you will not need a PC or Mac or iTunes to manage pictures or music, it will all be wireless, automatic, and mostly free. The camera connection kit lets you use many USB devices from pro microphones, to card readers, to keyboards...
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    The Official I have returned my ipad 2

    Not to worry. Millions of users have upgraded to 4.3.3 and as you said, there are no specific threads about issues. I've been using 4.3.3 since it launched and find it more stable than the previous version. I havn't had a crash yet with any of my memory intensive apps.
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    AT&T: 250Mb Sure Goes Fast!

    I'm not sure about smartphone plans, but when I sold my ATT iPad 1 (which had the unlimited plan) I could have rolled it over to my iPad 2. But because of the horrible local ATT coverage I went with Verizon and the 1GB $20 data plan. It turns out that 1GB is all I need, and I'm saving money...