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    Upgrade to IOS 6.1.3 Now Wifi is intermetent D link DIR 655

    Hi Guys, Since up grading my OS to 6.1.3 my Ipad2 can no longer stay connected to the wifi in my home. I have a Dlink Dir 655 n router. I have rebooted the IPad soft and hard. I tried the reset network settings on the Ipad. I rebooted the D link router and Motorola Modem. I changed...
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    Is there a screenshot app for iPad 2?

    Ok ! It finally worked after third attempt and the capture is seen via my Photos applet.
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    Is there a screenshot app for iPad 2?

    image capture ends up in iPad's "picture roll". I tried to use photos app and my captures not in there. Is the iPad's "picture roll" something / someplace else? Thank you.
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    Usb draws too much power

    Try a powered USB hub. Connect the Ipad to it and the USB as well. Newegg has powered USB hubs for 15.00 dollars and up.
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    Apple needs to allow password apps to integrate w Safari & other mobile browsers

    After much research I learned that Apple doesn't allow modules etc to the browsers. I read this at iCab site in their Modules section. This slows use of the Ipad when trying to log into pass protected sites. One has to use the browsers in the Password Management apps- yuck.