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    Emptied All of The Mailboxes, Totally, But Usage Shows 1.5 GB For Mail ?

    Hello, Sr. Citizen now, and frankly not that sharp with iPad's, so please bear with me a bit. Have a few year old iPad. Have updated to the latest OS a while ago. Have totally cleaned out ALL of the Mailboxes. Every one of them truly shows totally empty. But- If I go to Settings and Usage...
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    "This Accessory May Not Be Supported" Msg. Cable, Or...?

    Hello Folks, Sr. Citizen now, so will blame my ignorance with this "kinda stuff" on old age. Have an iPad 3rd Gen. Recently have been getting, every 30 seconds or so, a message that "This accessory may not be supported" As best I can determine, it is only when the unit is plugged into...
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    Any wifi, non-gps required App For Driving ?

    hello, I saw the navfree suggestion for a mapper with turn by turn directions when driving. but this, apparently, requires an ipad with gps, which mine does not have. is there an App that use wifi, and does not require gps ? Thanks, Bob Thanks
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    No GPS ?

    Hello, I have the most basic iPad3, the one without a built in gps. Are there any "good" Apps that would enable turn by turn navigation on myiPad, similar to having a dedicated gps, assuming, I guess, that one remains within wifi distances ? Caveats ? Thanks, Bob T
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    iCloud Question

    Hello, sure is a lot to know. Concerning iCloud, which I have enabled in the Settings. Is there an icon or App to actually use it ? When I get an email, sometimes there is a pix as part of it. If I delete the email, is the pix portiom "still" saved to the iCloud ? If so, how do I pull them...
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    Redeeming A Gift Cert. ?

    Hi, Thanks for help. All I seem to have on thebottombar is ...Genius, Purchased. No redeem. I have the latest update. Might that be the problem ? Do you perhaps actually show that you want to purchase a particular item first, before the redeem button shows up ? Bob
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    Typing Question

    Hello, Still trying to come to terms with the typing nuances on this. When I end a sentence, with a period, then hit the return once ormtwice, it does what it is expected; it, the cursor, goes down two lines, and awaits further typing. but other times, like now e.g., all that appears is a...
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    Redeeming A Gift Cert. ?

    Hello, i have received a gift cert, with a code string that has to be entered, somewhere. It says to open itunes and click itunes store then to click Redeem. I cannot find a button that says Redeem anywhere. Where should I look, exactly, please ? Thanks, Bob Th W i
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    Amazon And B&N ?

    Hello, New user. Can i download books from Amazon and B&N to my iPad ? How ? Or are they only downloadable from them to a nook or kindle ? Thanks, Bob T Tb Thanks, B oo or are they only downloadable to a kindle or nook ? OOo
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    e mail folders

    hello, was really hoping they would address this in ios 6, but i dont think that they did. any way ofmhaving Folders for different email categories for msgs received so that you could sort them. every other email program i know of does. Any way to ? Bon
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    Google maps ?

    Hi, any way of getting google maps back after installing ios 6 ? Thanks, Bob
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    Ipad guessing at words ?

    Hi, Typing on this thing is driving me crazy. For e mails, it constantly puts in letters that it wants, and that I don't want. Usually refuses to allow me to change. Also, it formats, and jumps to a new,line, when it wants, and not when I want. Any way of disabling all these "smarts" that it...
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    Alcohol for Cleaning ?

    Hello, For my eye glasses, which have the anti reflective AR coating, I use Those Zeiss pre moistened packets to clean them. Apparently the towelettes are moistened with an Alcohol liquid, or similar. Think they would be safe for my iPad screen ? Thanks, Bob
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    Audio Quality

    Hello, Have just started with a few of those streaming radio Apps. Really neat. But the speaker audio on my new ipad is rally poor. Any Apps available, or siggestions, on how to make better, or adj the bass and treble, etc. ? Thanks, Bob
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    Google And 404 Errors ?

    Hello, For the last day or so, everything I find for by doing a search on Google results In a 404 error when I click on a search result to actually open it up and go there. No results found by Google seem to work. But Google works fine, as does everything else. Why might this be ? Thanks, Bob